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DiscFlo - USA

Discflo’s disc pumps have been solving the pumping problems of the general industry for more than 35 years.

Their unique pumping mechanism is based on the effect of a boundary layer and viscous drag principle, which produces a pulsation-free laminar flow. This technology creates a low-to- no maintenance system by minimizing contact between the pump and the raw material being pumped. The results speak for themselves. Wear on the disc pump components is greatly reduced resulting in pump longevity, reducing operational costs and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in parts, maintenance and product loss. The powerful combination of superior abrasion resistance, gas-entrained pumping ability and non-emulsifying laminar flow make the Disc pump the ideal choice for the toughest applications.

91% - Our dedication to Quality and precision when manufacturing our pumps is shown in the longevity of pumps life in the field. Discflo defines RELIABILITY in pumping.

Discflo Corporation leads the field in engineering pump solutions for hard-to-pump applications. Founded in 1982, the company has built a world-wide reputation designing pumps to solve some of industry’s toughest pumping problems, replacing centrifugal, eccentric, progressive cavity, lobe, gear and even chopper pumps in applications as diverse as waste-water treatment, offshore oil platforms, pharmaceutical manufacture and mining.

Pump Solutions

Discflo is best known for its innovative Disc Pump technology, a unique laminar-flow, non-impingement pumping system that cuts maintenance and downtime, while increasing pump life. The Disc Pump has been proven to: pump abrasives with minimal wear, pump efficiently at viscosity over 10,000 cPs, handle large or stringy solids without clogging, and pump water/oil fluids without emulsifying.

Discflo specializes in servicing many industries, including Oil and Petrochemical, Chemical Processing, Municipal Water/Waste-water, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Pulp and Paper, Steel Manufacturing, General Industrial and Specialty Applications. Discflo leads the world in slurry pumps, abrasives pumps, cantilever pumps and waste-water pumps

Hydraulic flow capacities 2- 10,000 GPM [0.5-2250 m3/h] 
Discharge pressures  Up to 1000 + ft TDH [300+ m] 
Discpac diameters from 8-inch [203mm] to 20-inch [508mm] 
Suction pressures low NPSHr 
Working pressures up to 1400 psi [95 atm] 
Operating temperatures up to 1000° F [523°C] 
Viscosities  up to 300,000 cPs 
Pump speeds  up to 3600 rpm 
Drivers  Electric, Diesel, Hydraulic, Air 


Meets 3-A Sanitary and International Hygiene Standards and USDA Requirements

Applications for the Discflow pump in the food and pharmaceutical industries are extremely diverse

The pump is effective and economical in the following hard-to-pump applications - raw and cooked corn, dairy sludge, liquid sugar, molasses, beer waste, par-boiled rice, potato and starch, ice cream, orange pulp, avocado waste, grapes, chicken waste, even whole chickens, live fish, pharmaceuticals, blood and cells, to name just a few.


  • Clean-in-Place and Steam-in-Place systems.
  • Close-coupled and frame-mounted models available.
  • Variety of sanitary flanges available, including ANSI and DIN.
  • Standard pump casing with increased suction size available for highly viscous liquids.
  • Electrical motors supplied in all domestic and foreign voltages.
  • All metal product areas are 316L stainless steel with minimum 150 grit surface finish to meet 3-A and international hygiene standards, and USDA requirements.
  • Two standard seal designs - external-balanced seal with water cascade and water pressure-balanced double seal. Other types of seals are available on request.
  • TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) or wash down duty Motor housings. Other styles available on request.
  • Matte or electro-polished finish casings.

Operating Ranges for Standard Configurations:

Suction PressuresLow NPSHr
Working pressuresUp to 1400 psi (95 atm)
Discharge pressuresUp to 1000 ft (240 m) TDH
Solide sizeUp to 3 inches (76 mm)
Hydraulic flow 2 to 3000 GPM (0.5-600 m3/h)
ViscositiesUp to 300,000 cPs
Operating tempsAmbient to 3000F (1500F)
DriversElectric, diesel, hydraulic, air

SP Series Disc pumps can be configured for higher flow rates, larger solid sizes and higher temperature.

One of the world's largest snack food suppliers had trouble getting cooked corn through their lobe pumps. Twelve to seventeen percent of their product was being destroyed. After one year of research and in-plant testing, Discflo pumps consistently performed with less than .2% breakage. A very significant 92% savings in product degradation.

Applications for Oil, Metal, Mining and More

Disc pumps thrive in the severe applications found in the oil, metal, and mining industries. The open design and smooth pulsation-free operation makes handling viscous slurries and highly abrasive solids manageable. The pump can move viscous oils and handle sand mixes, drilling mud, ore sludge, and steel slag, with minimal wear to the pump and virtually zero breakdown. The Disc pump is very valuable in the oil industry because it can pump oil and water emulsions without emulsifying the fluid, this saves in separation costs down-line.

Shell oil in California has used Discflo pumps since 1987 to pump crude oil. They call it the "magic pump," because with Discflo, there is no emulsification and more oil ends up in the storage tank. The productivity of the Discflo is impossible to achieve with conventional pumps.

This "magic pump" has solved a big problem inherent in all oil field pumping applications - the pumping of three-phase flow.

When oil comes from the ground, it is a mixture of oil, water, and gas, mixed with sand, mud, and rock. Most pumps can handle the oil with a little sand and mud. Some pumps can handle the oil and water with more sand and mud. But only the non-impingement, laminar-flow pumping of a Disc pump can keep the gases entrained and moving through the pump as a solid mass along with the oil is eliminated.

Disc pumps deliver significant advantages - higher product yields, lower processing costs, and dependable pumping with little or no maintenance. With Disc flow, the savings are tremendous. There's no other logical choice for pumping three-phase flow.

Transferring filter cake slurry to disposal containers was difficult and expensive for a processor in Texas. The slurry was sometimes the consistency of peanut butter. Other times, the steam condensate would not mix, resulting in a two-phase fluid.

Pump failures occurred once or twice a week, costing hundreds of dollars each time in parts and labor. Four or five hours of production time was lost. They were persuaded to try the Disc pump and have never looked back.

The savings in maintenance alone is well over $50,000 a year. The Discflo pumps paid for themselves in the first three months of operation.

A Track Record of Success

For over two decades, Discflo pumps have been bringing new solutions, more efficient alternatives, and new economy to difficult pumping applications. The success of the Discflo pump can be found throughout the world in all types of industries.

Disc pumps have a record of success in these and other industries and applications.

Metal industry: Steel slag, quench water, metal powder slurries, acid re circulation.

Mining and mine de watering: Drilling mud, graphite mine tailings, chalk, diamond mining.

Ceramic, glass and stone: Rock slurries, fiberglass, ceramic slurries etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: Living cells, plankton, bacteria, whole blood, catalyst solutions.

Agriculture: High solids agricultural slurries and sludges with varying solids sizes.

Utilities: All types of viscous, abrasive and corrosive fluids in power and utility plants.

Hazardous materials: Nuclear waste, organic and inorganic waste sludge.

Shear sensitive chemicals: Polymer emulsions, latex, crystals, dilatant and thixotropic fluids.

Viscous fluids: Waste sludge, tank bottoms, black beauty, paint skins, oil sludge, asphalt.

Abrasive fluids: Borax, drilling mud, sand slurries with up to 80% solids, crystal slurries.

Air or gas-entrained fluids: Crude oil, chemical froths, DAF sludge.

High temperature or pressure processes: Disc API pumps are designed and manufactured to API-610,8th Edition.

The Discflo pump excels in handling -

Viscous and high solid fluids : All types of municipal and industrial waste sludge.

Abrasive fluids : Lime sludge, bio-solids sludge, sand slurries with up to 80% solids, sewage.

Air or gas-entrained fluids : DAF sludge and other types of anaerobic slurries and waste.

Large and/or stringy solids : Raw sewage containing rags and tumbleweed, waste with plastic strapping

Discflo pumps have become "standard operating equipment" for tough applications in hundreds of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities in the United States and throughout the world. Discflo's open design, no close tolerances, and smooth, laminar flow make it the most efficient and economical pump you can buy for problem viscous and abrasive waste sludges.

Disc pumps are an integral part of the state-of-the-art South Bay International Wastewater Treatment Plant at the California/Mexico border.

Until now, the only pump that has been able to handle the high solid and entrained air content in wastewater treatment applications has been the positive displacement pump. But this application is so grueling, pump service life is short and maintenance, non-stop.

Discflo technology eliminates the root causes of pump failure. First, its non-impingement pumping keeps air and gas bubbles entrained in the fluid so there's no foaming or vapor-lock-ing and because there are no close tolerances the pump can handle the wide range of solids that pass through the system. There are no radial loads and almost no axial loads, and there are no impeller surfaces to wear. The Disc pump needs lit¬tle or no maintenance and few, if any spare parts.

Discflo saves the average end user tens of thousands of dollars a year in maintenance and spare parts costs.

Disc pumps have saved municipalities tens of thousands of dollars a year in maintenance costs, cut downtime and improved the overall efficiency of their operations.

A Florida water treatment installed its first Disc pump seven years ago to pump lime sludge, an abrasive, viscous (2000 cPs) fluid with high solids content (30-60%) and a specific gravity of 1.5.

Before installing Discflo pumps, the plant oper¬ated two progressive cavity pumps. During the course of normal operation, the rotor/stator assem¬bly in these pumps would wear out after 2-3 months. After seven years of service, the Disc pump has not shown any signs of wear. The only maintenance required has been a packing replacement, plus the Disc pump handles high¬er solid content - pumping from 60-80%. The superintendent writes, "The city has not only saved thousands of dollars by the use of the Discflo pumps, but the down time has been greatly reduced, therefore improving the over¬all efficiency of our lime solids removal operation."

The city has since added six more Discflo pumps to its operation. Three are pumping lime sludge to a rotary vacuum dryer and three feed ferric-sulphate to belt filter presses. The per-formance of the Discflo pumps has been "excellent" according to plant officials and the city is currently in the process of acquiring additional Discflo pumps for the facility.

The use of Discflo technology in chemical and petrochemical processing has experienced significant growth over the past several years. The pump's proven ability to handle viscous and slurries without wearing and its no-shear, non-impingement pumping is in demand for some difficult applications and expensive products. In documented case studies, Discflo pumps have reduced the product losses in latex and crystal pumping from a devastating fifty percent to less than a fraction of one percent.

Wherever Discflo pumps are employed to move viscous and abrasive fluids, our customers benefit universally from huge costs savings that come from higher yields, less maintenance, fewer repairs, and reduced downtime.

The project coordinator for a leading chemical producer in Kentucky has given the non-metallic Discflo pump very high marks for it's performance in a very tough application.

He has tried all kinds of metallic and coated pumps. None could handle the high grade silicon with 15% hydrochloric acid. The Discflo pump was started up November 1997 and has run nonstop. Another benefit has been an increase in the final product quality. "The lower the shear, the less acid in the product," comments the project coordinator. "Discflo's low-shear technology has significantly reduced the acid content of our product. This in turn has reduced the subsequent processing required, saving time and money."

Discflo Pumps are available in a wide range of metallic and non-metallic materials to handle all types of corrosive and hazardous fluids, including toxic slurries, hot acids and alkalis, even nuclear waste.

Discflo incorporates all of the benefits of Disc technology into high temperature and high pressure process pumps that meet all API-610 and ANSI standards,

One of the toughest applications for any pump is bromide slurry. The slurry is highly corrosive, non-homogeneous, and shear sensitive. Crystal solids content is typically 30 - 45%; specific gravity around 3.0. At one plant, the Discflo unit replaced a recessed impeller pump, which suffered excessive corrosion problems. Even worse, it was destroying 30% to 60% of the product passing through it by grinding the crystals into sand. The company went searching, hoping to find an alternative that would reduce product damage and withstand corrosion. That alternative was the Discflo pump. The system started up in March 1998 and has delivered trouble-free performance. More important, crystal losses are minimal - 1% or less.

  • Disc-Flo Pumps is so durable as long as the Seal is protected. You can run it bone dry and as long as there is proper Seal flushing, you can even deadhead the discharge and starve the Suction at normal operating speed, without damaging the Pump. The typical application in Thermal Power plant can be pumping low density Fly Ash i.e. up to 20 % concentration Fly Ash.
  • Pumping medium density Fly Ash i.e. pumping up to 60-65 % Fly Ash
  • Pumping Bottom Ash containing Solid Coal Flakes and unburnt Coal.

Problems unique to the pulp and paper market have given Discflo the opportunity to demonstrate its unrivaled superiority in difficult-to-pump applications. Discflo pumps have made it possible to pump medium-to-high density stock up to 18% consistency, without using air removal or fluidation and it does so without performance loss due to wear. No other pump can do this. Disc pumps can handle viscosities of 300,000 cPs and at 350 cPs need less horsepower than a similarly-sized centrifugal. The pump becomes even more efficient at higher viscosities. Also, the Discflo pump can deliver higher product yields because there is no shearing of delicate solids.

The Disc Pump Brings Unprecedented Economy To Pulp and Paper Processing.

  • Savings from reduced pump maintenance and downtime.
  • The Disc pump can handle the higher viscosities associated with pulp and paper processes without excessive wear or maintenance, and in many cases uses less energy.
  • More efficient systems can be put in place that eliminate storage and vacuum systems.
  • Savings in water and power resources.
  • The unique non-impingement design of the Discflo pump delivers the product with no change in paper freeness.
  • Many of our customers have realized savings of tens of thousands of dollars per year.

No De-Watering:

Paper stock is gently processed without impingement through the pump-in effect pulled through as a homogeneous liquid and de-watering does not occur.

Maximum Paper Freeness

Independent tests have confirmed that there is no measurable loss of freeness to paper fiber when processed through a properly-sized Discflo pump.

Chemical Recovery : Green liquor dregs, black liquor soaps, clarifier sludge with up to 80% Solids.

Paper stock and pulp : Stock up to 18% density can be pumped with no dilution or fluidizer required.

Paper Coatings : Polymer emulsions, latexes, kaolin clay slurries, titanium dioxide slurries up to 80% solids, and bentonite solutions.

A top paperboard manufacturer is using Disc pump systems throughout its mill in northern Sweden. Applications include pumping lime slurry, black liquor soap, coating waste and lignin/white liquor. One of the toughest uses was pumping a very abrasive and shear sensitive bentonite solution.

Since installation of the Disc pumps, the plant manager has not purchased any spare parts for these pumps, and has reported no unplanned maintenance or downtime. The investment in Discflo pumps has returned a substantial dividend. The company estimates the savings amount [$10,000-$20,000] per pump per year.